Price Guide

StylistCut & FinishRestylingBlow DrySpecial Occ Hair UpMens Styling
Antonio Creative Director£41.00£47.00£23.00£49.00£23.50
Vinnie Salon Director£41.00
Senior Stylists£36.00£39.00£19.50£39.00£19.50
New Stylists£27.00£29.50£17.50£30.00-

Prices – may vary according to hair thickness and length and technical prices are exclusive of Cut and or Finish

Technical Prices Semi Permanent Colour from £32.50 Tinting Regrowth from £32.50 Full Head Tinting from £39.00 to £55.00

Woven High/Low lights Part Head from £40.00 Full Head from £55.00 Foil/Colour Combinations by quotation

Permanent Waving by quotation