On this page we would like to outline our colour services we offer to you and give you some information that will help you to decide what is best for your colouring needs and also if you do decide to choose our salons then who would be best suited for your final look.We believe at Antonio Giovanni that everybody has individual needs and naturally everyone receives an in depth colour consultation on their first visit.When it comes to colouring hair, evaluating what is best and constantly re evaluating to make sure your hair stays current, healthy and most importantly that it suits you as a person. We understand that lifestyle, skin tone, eye colour as well as budget come into play and we are confident that our huge range of skills we have on offer within our salons are competitively priced and thanks to the support we constantly have from our suppliers our knowledge of the products we use are second to none.


IGORA VIBRANCE is a state-of-the-art moisturising demi-permanent hair colour. With a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or cream for more service options, IGORA VIBRANCE does #MORE for your creativity!

▪             Demi-permanent colour

▪             Gel or cream consistency

▪             Ammonia free


Our heritage colour brand IGORA ROYAL is the reference brand for true colour performance. IGORA ROYAL brings you uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention.

▪             True-to-tuft results

▪             Up to 100% white hair coverage

▪             Reliable, even and luminous colour results


Blonde hair has the most delicate hair structure, yet despite this, colourists have to guarantee perfect hair quality and spectacular colour results.

BLONDME, powered by the Bond Protection System, offers a unique colour range that can be tailored to any individual wishes and hair type. With easy, ready-to-use products, perfect blonde looks are guaranteed every time.

Overcome any blonde challenge.

Rely on BLONDME for superior blonde hair quality, even in the most demanding of situations. The BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ offers an unbeatable 9 levels of lift, making it one of the most powerful lighteners on the market. Our premium bonding services include:

▪             White coverage

▪             Highlighting

▪             Lightening

▪             Neutralisation

▪             Pastel Toning

▪             Deep Toning


Natural hair colour is characterised by lighter and darker strands of hair. tbh – true beautiful honest shades embrace the natural highs and lows and enhance the colour, providing unique, natural-looking results with up to 100% multidimensional coverage. tbh – true beautiful honest provides a natural shine with a healthy glow, to complete the “my hair but better” look.

beautiful natural-looking results

Our uniquely-crafted mixes of hair colour dyes provide shimmering, powdery tones and a natural healthy glow. Our concise collection includes 38 shades plus a Tone Softener for customisable results. The beautifully authentic shades offer subtle and powdery tones in three shade directions, Natural, Cool and Warm.

honest formulation

▪             100% vegan formula*

▪             Up to 93% naturally-derived ingredients**

▪             Up to 50% less ammonia***

▪             0% PTD/PPD****

*Free from animal-derived ingredients
**Depending on the respective product; calculation includes up to 65% water content respectively
***vs. standard permanent colouration
****In case of a known allergy to hair dyes a pre-test with the product at the dermatologist is necessary