Latest Trends


IN:long hair. The long hairĀ  you had as a kid is coming back, so get ready to stock up on deep conditioning treatments.

IN: Ice blonde. For natural blondes and bleach blondes alike, the universe brings you the the easiest shade to wear in the blonde family: icy white-blonde, which not only looks gorgeous on its own, but also with pastel undertones, like blue or lavender.

IN: The pixie cut. Ask your stylist for short, choppy layers with face-framing pieces to add some texture to the cropped look.

IN: Curls. Whether you've got kinky-coily curls, or naturally full, fuzzy ringlets, or you spend an hour every morning twisting your straight hair around a tiny curling iron, you know that curls are *here*. The more definition and volume, the better, so let 'em run free.